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What Agents Need to Know About Peerless Management:


We manage residential properties:

  • Single Family Homes
  • Condominiums
  • Apartment Buildings

The majority of our existing clients came from Real Estate Agents.

    • Owners that are moving out of state
    • Military friends of Agents.
    • Buyers of additional rental properties
    • Owners who are just not ready or can’t sell just yet
    • Owners who have inherited property from a loved one

Right now may not be the best time for your client to sell their home. Give us a call to discuss if renting would be a good option for them.

We never charge “gotcha” fees.

Once a monthly commission is established, everything is included:

  • No setup fees.
  • No leasing or re-leasing fees.
  • No advertising fees.
  • No showing fees.
  • No long distance or postage charges.
  • No end-of-year statement fees.

Park Your Listing Safely

You can trust Peerless Management as a safe place to park your listing until one of the following three things happens:

    • agents2The market improves
    • The owner decides to sell
    • The owners decides to buy more investment property
    • We do not sell real estate. That’s your specialty. Ours is managing property. Like you, we do one thing and we do it well.


Detailed History of Referral Sources

We keep a detailed history of our referral sources and we are in good communications with our owners. The minute they speak of selling their property or purchasing we will remind them of you and will call you to immediately touch base with them and their needs. We also care about the best interest of our mutual clients.

Creating a Win-Win Situation for Your Clients

This offers a value-added benefit for your clients and a win-win-win situation for all of us.

  • This shows you are genuinely concerned for their best interests and they will naturally remember you for that.
  • It gives us an opportunity to do a great job for both the client and for you, since you recommended us.
  • We also pay agents a generous finder’s fee for new owner contracts.
  • We offer free rental market analysis for you or your clients. This gives them an idea of what rent they could expect to receive from a property. No obligation whatsoever.

Peerless has been bringing owners and quality tenants together since 1972.

Refer Your Clients Confidently to Peerless Management:

Refer Your Clients Confidently to Peerless Management:

Connect With Us

Jim and his team at Peerless took great care of our place whenwe were deployed to Houston. They interviewed our renters and were always proactive about maintenance.

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